Solve andriod hanging problem/ increase your mobile speed


Trick no 2:


Are you an android user and you are angry with the speed of your mobile?. So don’t angry Now we can solve your problem. If you are an android user and your android phone hangs so don’t angry we share some powerful tips with you for increasing your mobile speed. By using and applying these tips your will be a faster android phone and you can enjoy a fast speed on mobile.
Trick no 1:
Go to your mobile setting and click on storage then you will see the option of cache data. Now clear all cache data and restart your phone. After restarting your all cache and local files have been deleted.
Trick no 2:
Go to the mobile setting and in the last, you will see a developer option. if you don’t see this option first go to about phone and 3 times tap on the build number after taping three times on build number you have to see the developer option in your mobile setting. Then go to the developer option and turn off all the animation scales.
Trick no 3: 
Again go to the mobile setting and choose developer option and turn on “Don’t keep activities”.
By using this setting your mobile speed will be faster.


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