Make your PC fast/Remove all errors and speed up your pc


Make your PC fast/Remove all errors and speed up your pc  


There are many peoples who are working in their pc but they do not agree with the speed of their pc. Because of using software on downloading files from the internet their computers or laptop will be getting slow and when they work on it their work will be slowing. So here’s a solution to this problem. We share some best and powerful tips with you through which you can make your computer faster and remove all errors from pc. If you applying these tricks on your pc your computer will be a faster pc and you can work on your computer faster. So the following are the most powerful tips to increase your computer speed.

First, go to your search bar and search “RUN” you can also open run by using shortcut key “Windows+R Then search %temp% on your computer and then remove all files of temp in your computer.

 Now search again on run “prefetch” and delete all files from prefetch on your computer.

 By deleting the temp and prefetch files you have been deleted unusually and temporary files from your computer.

Now again go to my computer or my pc then right click on C drive and you will see the option “properties”.Then click on properties and you will see an option of “disk cleanup.

Now click on disk clean up and select all those files which you want to delete. After selecting click on ok and your process of deleting files will be started.

After doing all these steps your computer will be faster. Now enjoy the speed of your computer.


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