How To Make Your Android Battery Last Longer.

How to make your android battery last longer

We use our smartphones so much in our daily life that we wonder about how to make your android battery last longer.

Mobile phones have become a very important part of our life. life seems impossible without them. We’ve all got this habit of using our smartphone so much these days. we end up draining our phone out of battery. sufficient amount of battery Is very essential for our everyday tasks.

I will tell you some tips about battery saving on your android or any smartphone.

  • Battery saving mode.
  • Lower your screen brightness.
  • Clear Apps In The Background
  • Turn Off Notifications.
  • Remove/Uninstall unutilized apps.

Battery saving mode.

So the first thing is first. A very famous and always working trick for all of you wondering about how to make your injured by battery last longer no A very famous and always working trick. for all of you, on how to make your android battery last longer. Turn on your
battery saving mode.

  • Open your settings on your mobile. Tap battery.
  • Tap on your top right of the screen there will be 3 dots.
  • Tap the dots then tap the battery saver.
  • Turn on the battery saver mode.
  • You can automatically on your battery saver mode according to your choice just set up the percentage of your battery when your battery is 5% or 10%.

Lower your screen brightness.

Another excellent way to save your battery is to lower your screen brightness if you are wondering on how to make your Android battery last longer then lower your brightness.

Simply go to settings> Device>Display.
Set the slider of brightness accordingly.
And Voilaaaa! It’s done.

Clear Apps In The Background.

Another reason for excessive battery usage is unnecessary apps. All of your apps keep on running in the background even if you close them. Delete redundant apps.

  • Simply go to settings> Apps. Uninstall all unnecessary apps. That’ll do the work.

Turn Off Notifications.

You should hide your notifications.the reason is that whenever a notification appears on your home screen and lock screen your phone light turns on and they just simply drains your battery

Go to settings and turn off all your notifications.

Remove/Uninstall unutilized apps.

Another simple trick you can use to increase battery life is to uninstall apps. Take a scroll down all your apps and see if there are any extra app sitting aimlessly. You know what i mean. Just remove it Banish it from your smartphone. Your work will be done.

These are the simple tricks you should try and you will know how to make your android battery last longer.


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