How to download Fortnite Pc

Download Fortnite PC

An Epic Games production Fortnite was released in 2017. Many people are enjoying Fortnite. If you are a huge fan of Pubg then you will like Fortnite. This is a fighting and survival game. The battle royale game is a fighting game that people are enjoying. This game is easy to download in pc.

Download Fortnite PC

Genres of Fortnite

The Fortnite game has three genres. These game modes are different from each other. But they share the same game engine. And this Fortnite game is played in pc and you can also download this game in pc. The genres are listed below.

  • Save The World.
  • Battle Royale.
  • Creative.

Fortnite, Save the world.

This version is set up on a theme in which the whole world faces a giant storm and almost 98% of the population disappears.
This version of Fortnite is playable on pc, mobile, Xbox, Playstation. You can download Fortnite, Save the world in pc.
That is when zombies arise and they attack the remaining population. So there is a fight in this game for survival between humans and zombies.
The players build forts to avoid storms and their protection. Each player completes a mission and gets a reward for it.

Fortnite, Battle Royale

The battle royale is a version where 100 players fight until the last person remains. This version is similar to pubg and almost contains the same strategy as pubg. Just like players can play pubg on pc and mobile, Fortnite is also suitable for pc and mobile. And you can download Fortnite pc.

Fortnite, Creative

Fortnite Creative is a version that gives players complete authority to create their own world and fighting arenas. Just like you are creating your own kingdom.

The two versions were successful for Epic Games but Fortnite Battle Royale is the most played version. It attracted more than 125 million players in a year.
Epic Games is making hundreds of dollars with it.

People can download and play this game on pc as well as on mobile. Both have the same game feature. This Version of fortnite is for pc and mobile both.


You can download Fortnite pc and enjoy the game if you click here.



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