Fast your Computer Speed/ Remove all errors


Fast your Computer Speed/ Remove all errors

Are you a user of computer or laptop and working daily on your PC but your pc doesn’t work faster its work slowly and you are upset with the speed of your computer so don’t angry because here’s we share a solution of this problem through which you can speed up your Computer or Laptop. So let’s Start:

 Why your computer getting slow:

Many are the reasons through which your computer getting slow. If you download anything from the internet without using antivirus so during downloading the virus and malware are continuously enter in your computer with your downloading files. Another reason is cache data and corrupt files. 

How can you Fast up your PC:  

You can fast up your pc by following these tricks
-Always use antivirus on your computer if you are downloading any file from the internet.
-Delete and uninstall all the files which are not in use and which are corrupted.
-Clear cache data from your computer which is the most important trick.

How to delete cache data: 

If you don’t know how to delete cache data so first go to search box and type “RUN” you can also open run by using Windows+R key and search ”  %temp% “ in the run box.
Image result for run temp 
After clicking on entering, you will see some cache files now delete all these files.
Again go to the run box and write “prefetch” in the run box and click enter
Image result for prefetch temp 
Now again do this process and delete all files from the prefetch folder.
After doing this process restart your computer or laptop and enjoy fast speed.


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