Download Call Of Duty Mobile Apk

Call of duty mobile apk

Fighting games have become our all time favourite games. Especially the games which we can play with the real persons and not with the computers. In this article i will tell you how to dowload call of duty mobile apk.

Now first person to person games are well liked. such as Pubg, Fortnite and now call of duty. For those players who cannot access computers can now Call of duty mobile download file.

Introduction To Call Of Duty

Call of duty is a person to person Fighting game. And within a short time period Call of duty has become worlds no 1 shooting game. The game developers are happen to be tencent and activision games.

Cod mobile file is now available for android. The game comes in two modes.

Modes Of Call Of Duty Apk Mobile

The game comes in two modes

  1. Multiplayer
  2. Zombie

In Multiplayer mode the player can play game and fight with 10 other players. The players are divided into two teams. Now the Multiplayer mode has two other categories which are Deathmatch and Frontline. You can challenge players online from all over the world and fight against them.


However, In the Zombie mode Players have to fight with zombies and win against them. This pretty much sums it up. Just finish off those brain eating monsters. You can team up with friends or play solo.

Call Of Duty Mobile Apk Gameplay.

Well, The gameplay of call of duty comprises of Maps, weapons, vehicles and characters. you can gradually achieve the rewards. The characters are ofcourse from the COD like captain price etc You can customaize the characters and their dressing etc according to the rewards that you will earn in it.

Now lets discuss the maps, Call of duty have different maps. such as hijacked, Nuketown etc.

Compatible system requirements.

So, Basically the game is of 73 Mb and you might need an android mobile with 4.0.3 to higher space mobile.

and if you wanna download call of duty mobile apk The link is right below.



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